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Our Mother, Earth is shedding tears

Which falls on us as rain.

She begs and pleads in many ways

To love and ease her pain.

The fear she holds for all of us

Is shown and oh, so clear

But yet some go their heedless way

As though they cannot hear.

Our Mother, Earth has been misused

By those who do not care

That when she falls so gravely ill

We shall know despair.

For she must drink and breathe and be

Sustained as you and I.

And all her children listen as

She kneels down to cry.

Oh Spirit, Wolf, please guide us.

Help us see what we must do.

To go from dark to light, and then

Forever follow you.

There is someone among us,

To hear you and to know.

A Odawa-my sister.

She is Dakotasnow.

©Brother Wolf




I am a Wolf
Standing Proud and Strong

But why are you killing me?
What did i do wrong?
Is it because you fear me?
When you look into my eyes?
Why have you labeled me
With all your lies?
Don't i have a right
To walk this land and be free?
I'm not the beast you say i am
So why are you killing me?
I don't hunt you for food
And i only kill to survive
Isn't that what we all do?
In order for us to stay alive?
We are not driven crazy by
The scent of blood as you say
It seems that no matter what
You want to think this way
You say we howl at the moon
And we don't even do that
Its our way of commucation
Yet another incorrect fact
Why don't you learn the truth
And see the beauty we posess
Then finally we can live together
In peace and happiness.
©Pamela Hall



I am Wolf. I am as old as the mountains I call home. I have walked this
earth long before human beings. I have seen mountains grow from small
hills, valleys form small ravines and rivers born of trickling streams. I
have walked with the great ones of Eons ago, the Great Mammoth, Saber tooth
Tigers and many others who have long been lost.... I have seen the
beginning of mankind.

I am a Predetor, A hunter. I hunt for food.... I do not collect trophies to
be mounted on the walls of my Den. I do not hunt for enjoyment but of
neccesity... So they can one day walk upon Mother Earth and become part of
the Circle of Life...

I have watched for many years my hunting grounds deminish....Trees replaced
by buildings...Game replaced by humans. I have been driven higher and
higher into the mountains.....Yet the humans still come.... and i,m driven
even farther from the hunting grounds my fathers father and his father's
before him. Yet I survive, My children survive.

I am a loyal, devoted and loving parent. Our children are our
future....Just as human children are the future of all human beings. I am
protective of my children and take responsability of there nurturing. As
seriously as any human parent. I provide food for my children and provide
them with a safe home until they are ready to walk their own path.

I do not choose to hunt in the presence of humans but I  have been given no
other choice. My land has been taken from me, and now shall my life......
and the lives of my children and in doing so...... Our future is doomed....
 We will go the way of the old ones...... Only in memories of distant pasts
shall we live again...

wolves are beauty without vanity.Innocence without nativity..we are one of
creators children, and deserve to live our lives in peace.. We were created
for a purpose, not to be hunted down!or slaughterd, all our songs will be
only a distant memory... Fading into the Past!   

Author Unknown!




Long ago, an old wolf
came to that time
when his life on earth could last no longer.
"My people," he said,
"You can follow in my footsteps
when the time comes for you
to join me in the skyland."
Then he left the earth,
climbing higher and higher,
and each place he stepped
the sky filled with stars.
Shunk man-i-tu tan-ka
we call the wolves,
the powerful spirits
who look like dogs.
When they climb the hills
to lift their heads and sing
toward that road of stars,
their songs grew stronger
as they join their voices.
So, in this moon, we climb the hills
lift our eyes towards the Wolf Trail
and remember that our lives
and songs are stronger
when we are together.
Author: Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London


A Special Friend

I feel a sudden beckoning
It pulls me to the wood
I know not why I'm drawn this way
I wish I understood

But as I walk into this glade
My senses come alive
The feelings I thought long since past
Awake and now revive

I hear sounds soft and gentle
See shadows as they dart
Smell fragrance sweet and earthy
A hand upon my heart

As I stand with eyes closed tight
My mind begins to see
The reason for this feeling
And why it comes to me

I've been touched by someone
A dear and special friend
Whose gentleness and sharing
Produce a special blend

To show me that forever more
The very end of time
There'll never be a mountain
To tall or steep to climb

 I feel now as they take my hand
To place upon their heart
That here without a spoken word
We feel our fears depart

And so it starts to never end
It's written we both know
That something very special
Will from this friendship grow

The link is formed the bond is made
To strengthen every day
And we will walk as special friends
Together come what may

© Richard Buckingham '00



Why are you having Puppies?

Why are you having puppies now?
I wonder, sitting here in the pound
I was your puppy just two years ago,
And you sent me to live in another home
It was great for a while, but the people got bored
And sent me to live with the neighbors next door.
Those folks didn't know much about pups,
Didn't think I was "cute enough" once I grew up
How come you never checked up on me
To see if I was cared for and happy?
I've been in four homes since I left you
I've even been hungry, and yes, abused
A lady walked by my cage today
I hoped and I prayed that she'd take me away
She said, "how could anyone" give me up
But that she was going to buy a pup
Said she'd heard of a litter at your address
And when speaking to you was so impressed
I tried to tell her "i was once there, too"
But she smiled, "Don't worry, someone will take you"
And there is a man coming toward my door
He takes many dogs, then we see them no more
He's very serious, and very grim
Oh please, don't make me go with him!
How can you think to have more puppies
Instead of coming down here to get me?
Why did you make me and bring me up
Just to die, unloved, while you make more pups
I don't understand, I trusted you so
You just didn't care where you let me go.

-author unknown



The Vanishing Wolf

  While walking the trails
With the moon up high
I hear the call of a brother
A long lonesome Cry

  Is he hunting food
Or searching for a mate
This  majestic creature
How I fear his fate

 He roams the woods
Runs the hills up high
Trying to live a life
Of days gone by

 I love you my brother
Yes this is true
But if man dont change, dear Wolf

  We will soon see the last of you.  

©Grey Wolf  (Hondo)


God Saw You Getting Tired

God saw you getting tired
and a cure was not to be,
so He put His around you
and whispered, "Come to me."

With tearful eyes we watched you suffer
and watched you fad away
although we loved you dearly,
we could not make you stay.

A loving heart stopped beating,
hard working hands were at rest
God broke our hearts to prove,
He only takes the best.

We think of you in silence
and often speak your name.
All we have are memories<
and your picture in a frame.

In life we loved dearly,
in death we love you still.
In our hearts you hold a place
no one can ever fill.

It broke our hearts to lose you,
but you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you,
the day God called you home.
Author Unknown







April 14, 2001